Reverse Logistics Solutions for National Retailers

What We Do

  • Partner with Retailers Like You

    We agree to purchase unwanted inventory from your retail locations

  • Receive Inventory at Our Warehouse

    We coordinate with you to schedule truckload deliveries to our storage center

  • Supply Merchandise to Resellers

    We sort & sell the liquidated merchandise to resellers at wholesale prices

  • Refurbish, Recycle, & Donate

    We refurbish, recycle, & donate products whenever possible to reduce waste

What You Can Expect



You can feel secure about working with us

  • We establish an agreement with you to always purchase your unwanted inventory; we accept all types of products – no questions asked
  • We are ready to receive new shipments whenever you need to send them, so you won’t be left hanging onto inventory for longer than you’d like


You can feel confident about working with us

  • We take the lead to address the details of your reverse logistics needs, so your staff is free to spend time working on more important matters
  • We are available to resolve any concerns that might come up along the way. Reach out via phone or email to tell us what you need. We’ve got your back!


You can feel proud about working with us

  • We have relationships with refurbishment companies, so we always try to restore any repairable merchandise instead of simply trashing it
  • We donate products that do not sell but are in good condition, and we try to reduce landfill waste by recycling unsalvageable items when possible

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