Employees of the Month:

A&C recognizes and values the strength in our teams and will continue to encourage and support efforts in building a safe, productive, and fun team environment. We are reimplementing this program for our warehouse and retail operations.

Retail Stores Employees of the Month:

District 1 (Thomas):

Cody Cash-Cookeville Store

  • Mindset: Cody is a very trustworthy and dependable; he has never called out in almost three (3) years of employment. Every associate in the store absolutely loves Cody at his store.

District 2 (Scott):

Havin Permenter-Jackson Store

  • Mindset: Havin has an incredible work ethic. She is highly motivated, provides excellent customer service, and sets a great example for her co-workers. She treats our customers and employees with respect and always goes above and beyond to help the team with anything that needs done. She has proven herself time and time again to be an exceptional asset to our teams.

Scottsville Employee of the Month:

Brandon Stinson

  • Mindset: Brandon is a role model for other employees at Scottsville. He is consistently exceeding expectations to ensure the job gets done in a timely manner. Whether this is by working overtime on weekends, staying over each day or motiving others to match his energy.

Gallatin Employees of the Month:

Danyelle Gross

  • Mindset: Danyelle goes above and beyond anything asked of her in the clothing department. She keeps a positive attitude and demonstrates a love for her job.
  • Quality: Danyelle does not cut corners and follows the guidelines to a T. She’s very knowledgeable and detail oriented.

Brent Sadger, Sr.

  • Mindset & Growth: Brent has a willingness to ensure our operation hits our daily goals by staying late or coming in early. This action has saved departments from missing shipments. Brent is constantly the first to raise his hand when help is needed no matter what department may need an extra hand.

David Smith

  • Mindset & Innovation: David’s leadership skills have been exceptional about ensuring that every shipment arrives when needed, plans according to schedule, and creates new ideas to eliminate operation waste.

David Looper

  • Integrity, Innovation, Growth: David has earned absolute respect and built credibility with his team by his willingness to do whatever is required under any and all conditions. Working long hours, through the night and through sickness and weather-related issues and in hot and cold conditions to keep our systems functioning in addition to recommending and implementing cost-efficient solutions. Technology down times have been kept to an absolute minimum under his leadership. He is willing and capable to roll up his sleeves and get it done, no matter what the situation is.


Nominations may be made for superior performance and/or contributions by a teammate demonstrating our Company Values (Innovation, Mindset, Integrity, Fun, Growth) or activities such as excellent customer service, cost savings, safety, productivity/work processes or outstanding citizenship.


To nominate a teammate, complete and submit a completed form to the Human Resources department or to your direct manager. All nominations will be reviewed by the management team.


Awards will be given out each month for each warehouse & retail location. The nominated teammate will receive a $50 gift card or equivalent point voucher and a reserved parking spot (where available).

Program Rules

To be eligible for an award, all nominees must be actively employed at the time the award is given. All nomination forms must be received by the 25th of every month. The winner will be announced to all staff via e-mail & posted on communication boards.

Work Anniversaries:

Charles E Jones (Gallatin) 2 Years
Edward Fisher (Gallatin) 3 years
Letyjuan O Law (Lee) (Gallatin) 3 years
Michael J Smith (Gallatin) 1 year
Sydney P Currin (Pulaski) 1 year
Paula J Dugger (Dalton) 2 Years
Heather M Taber (Dalton) 2 Years
William J Mallory (Gallatin) 2 Years
Julie Brown Active (Gallatin) 2 years
Kelly D Elswick (Dickson) 1 year
Mary Sullivan (Louisville 1) 1 year
James B Puckett (Dalton) 2 Years
Tricia M Whitaker (Trish) (Gallatin) 1 year
Cory Neely (Louisville 1) 2 years
Tambi A Echols (Pulaski) 3 Years
Bertha C Green (Dickson) 3 Years
Danyelle M Baker (Clarksville) 6 years
Brandy N Thomas (Clarksville) 6 years
Angel L Pichardo (Dalton) 2 Years


Noah W Bolin (Cookeville) 05/05
Eduardo D Hernandez (Cookeville) 05/12
Juan D Sixto Cortez (Dalton) 05/14
Chanteay A Cothron (Gallatin) 05/01
Katrina M Henry (Gallatin)05/02
Jerry L Moyer Sr (Gallatin) 05/06
Wesley Hasman (Wes) (Gallatin) 05/06
Jacob P Lormand (Gallatin) 05/08
Alicia A Spears (Gallatin) 05/09
Amanda Johnston (Gallatin) 05/11
Chastity N Green (Gallatin) 05/12
Brent L Sadger Sr. (Gallatin) 05/17
Thomas F Hollingsworth (Gallatin) 05/21
Dustin T Clemons (Gallatin) 05/25
Christopher Dozier (Gallatin) 05/25
Christopher P Brazzell (Gallatin) 05/31
Kasey N Spangle (Jackson) 05/13
Diana L Vaughn (Lebanon) 05/02
Aniya Nunley (Lebanon) 05/18
Joel G Mckaig (Lebanon) 05/30
Cory Neely (Louisville 1) 05/01
Evon L Fulton (Louisville 1) 05/30
Caroline v DeMuth (Louisville 1) 05/31
Retonya R Taylor (Louisville 2) 05/18
Jailynn S Peasant (Louisville 2) 05/31
Bryan D Humes (Madison) 05/10
Gloria L Ballard (Madison) 05/15
Paula J Thompson (Millington) 05/27
Jennifer Collins (Pulaski) 05/08
Tambi A Echols (Pulaski) 05/24
Matthew J Moss (Pulaski) 05/26
Robert Galloway (Scottsville) 05/01
Lisa S Urban (Scottsville) 05/01
Amy Graves (Scottsville) 05/04
Emily B Payne (Scottsville) 05/08
Ethan Cook (Scottsville) 05/14
Briley Willoughby (Scottsville) 05/19
Justin S Carter (Scottsville) 05/20
Vickie L Felts (Scottsville) 05/20
Dustin M King (Scottsville) 05/31
Savannah R Greene (Vonore) 05/08
Tamara C Selvage (Vonore) 05/23
Lora A Alexander (Vonore) 05/31

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