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At A&C, we strive to achieve excellence through our company core values. They are as follows:

Mindset: keeping an open and positive mindset leads to new possibilities and a winning mentality.

Integrity: demonstrating honesty and mutual respect means we follow through on our promises

Fun: we enjoy working and building together. Work should remain enjoyable while also productive

Growth: personal and professional development is key to our long-term success

Innovation: we believe executing on opportunities and evolving is vital to survival.

Stan the Keevado Kangaroo at our Grand Opening of the Cookeville Keevado Store. Stan is representing Growth by representing a new brand for our retail stores and fun by greeting customers at the front door with hopping and dancing. The Grand Opening of our retail stores as Keevado was a huge success for A&C and represented innovation as a company as we take this next step towards a brighter future.

Sonja Rachpaul and Kem Rogers from 801 participating in the “Make It Matter!” engagement event. They are representing the core values of Integrity with their mutual respect for one another and Mindset with their positive outlook on work.

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